Our Mission

Kids First Barrington seeks to rise above the inertia, negativity, and doubt that has stalled the implementation of School Start Time change in Barrington.  Guided by clear science and the notion that the schools should invest first in what helps the greatest number of our kids the most, we are a grassroots movement aiming to restore ownership, accountability, and urgency to the District.

"If you knew that in your child's school there was a toxic substance that reduced the capacity to learn, increased chances of a car crash and made it likely that 20 years from now he would be obese and suffer from hypertension, you'd do everything possible to get rid of that substance and not worry about cost. Early start times are toxic."

Dr. Judith Owens, Director of Sleep Medicine | Children's National Medical Center
CDC Infographic

Effects of Early School Start Times

An Infographic from the Centers for Disease Control